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This Nonprofit Quarterly article by Thomas Raffa and Robert Cocchiaro presents a basic framework for dealing with financial uncertainty.

This Raffa article discusses nonprofit organizations’ need to maintain the balance between operating income and expenses to be prepared to weather periods with revenue shortfalls.

Article by Dennis R. Young from the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise describes a sound strategic approach for facing windfall and/or sudden loss scenarios.

On page 2 of this issue of Ohio Nonprofits, you’ll find a good summary of the Wilder Foundation’s 1997 book Coping With Cutbacks and a helpful sidebar of the main strategies it suggests.

Colorful, punchy presentation made at Citywide Youth Development Conference in Washington in October 2010. 

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center has 10 fact sheets on tackling various problems, from low morale to suspicious packages arriving at the office. This nonprofit based in Leesburg, Va., also offers a short book on the subject, Vital Signs, for $10. 

Who better to know about preparing for a disaster than the Red Cross? This very helpful site covers just about every aspect of how natural disasters or emergencies could affect your office. Plenty of reading material here, plus some tutorials and videos.

Good article from Philanthropy Journal focuses more on how boards should manage during financial crises.

Community Wealth Ventures outlines some strategies for getting through rough financial times in this 7-page report written in 2009.

Although this two-pager was written two months after Sept. 11, 2001, the information within is pretty timeless. Good guidance for nonprofits from two lawyers.

The Nonprofit Quarterly devoted its spring 2002 issue to the subject of managing uncertainty, including lessons from New York City nonprofits.
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