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Web portal and online community serving the technology needs of small and medium size nonprofits.

Information on effective use of technology and the Internet by nonprofit organizations. Areas covered include tips on using databases and software, using the Internet for outreach and web development.

This is an excellent website with a directory of free computer tutorials on Word, Linux and more.

Venture Philanthropy Partners funded this McKinsey study on effective capacity building. This resource is featured in several areas because of the importance of framing work on any system/process within an organization in line with the mission, strategy and priorities of the whole and with an understanding of the impacts on the other systems/processes within the organization.

Organization helps nonprofits and funders in the capital region understand, access and apply available technologies to deliver vital programs and services.
CERT is a recognized center for Internet security issues and updates. This website is for IT experts for the most part and is not designed for beginners to the IT world.

Community Technology Centers’ Network is a national, nonprofit membership organization of more than 600 independent community technology centers where people get free or low-cost access to computers and computer-related technology.

This national nonprofit organization works to maximize the potential of technology to help low-income people build assets and raise their standard of living.

This organization provides low-cost computer training in D.C.​
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