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Based in Greenfield, Indiana, this group assists meeting and event planners, program chairpersons and corporate training directors in securing the "just-right" speaker(s) for all types of programs and events.

National Speakers Bureau is Canada’s original speakers agency with more than 35 years of service to event and meeting planners across the country.

Established in 1990, this agency promises to be “fully prepared to meet the specific needs of your event.”

The Professional Speakers’ Bureau represents speakers who are leaders in what they do. They have earned national and international recognition as the gurus, motivators and thought-leaders most affecting people, business, technology and society.

SpeakerMatch "has made the task of finding expert motivational speakers and other speaking talent so easy and so fast that you won't want to plan another event without us."

Based in Annapolis, Md., Speakers.com lists its speakers by category: satire, futurists, liberals, health care and more. 

A long list of keynote and workshop speakers. Find their programs, biographies, articles, schedules, services and products via their website.
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