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This scholarly article investigates the conflict between marketing needs and altruistic purposes in nonprofits.

The Free Management Library provides a online course of sorts that explains how marketing strategy goes beyond advertising and explains the fundamental importance of marketing to a nonprofit’s success.

Provides a wealth of articles and opinions on marketing that, while geared toward for-profits, provide valuable perspectives for nonprofit marketing directors.

An intriguing essay on how and why to market to each generation individually.

An article by branding consultant Bill Nissim on MarketingSource.com that underlines the importance of message-based marketing that transcends formulaic advertising.

Think like your donors, develop a message, and never underestimate the importance of public relations are some of the topics of this short introduction to nonprofit marketing.

Two articles on About.com define marketing for nonprofits and then outline eight steps you can take to market your nonprofit wisely.

This section from Idealist.com’s Web site should help anyone address the first hurdle a nonprofit must cross when promoting itself: what is a nonprofit?

The venerable Wiley publishing house puts out numerous print and electronic books that could inform nonprofit marketing director.

Fun, informative website aims to help nonprofits promote themselves through whatever means it can take—artwork, campaigns, etc. The site also posts jobs for those in the nonprofit marketing world.
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