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This website by Canadian Charity Villiage offers articles and resources for fundraisers.

Starting from scratch? Get some help here from an oldie but goodie published in Nonprofit World magazine.

A consultant to nonprofits on planned giving for 30 years, Phil Murphy gives some free advice on his website on presentations, phone scripts, and numerous other ways to line up donors for nonprofits.

The 54-page manual from Community Wealth Ventures Inc.​ covers the basics and then provides worksheets so you can practice what you’ve learned.

Jossey-Bass publishes a variety of books on a range of topics on effective fund-raising.

Before you consider using the phone to make your pitch, you must understand the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule. This article from the Center for Non-Profits explains the basics.

The Center for Non-Profits covers the subject of making sure donors understand what is tax deductible.

Fundraising consultant Tony Poderis says, “There is no greater strength in a fund-raising campaign than a board ready and willing to lead. There is no greater weakness than one which sees fund-raising as someone else’s responsibility.” Here he explains how to get board members into raising funds for their organizations. ​

Grant Makers

The Foundation Center’s database lets users find funders by state, city, or ZIP code. The Foundation Finder provides grant makers’ addresses, websites and fiscal data. 990 Finder directs users to organizations’ IRS returns. Both services are free and easy to use.

Simple-to-use list of foundations and grant makers listed alphabetically.

This is a terrific site to use if you’re looking for groups that give grants for specific causes, such as animal welfare or the arts.

Provided by the Society of Research Administrators, this is a comprehensive directory of links to information regarding funding by local, state, federal and international governments. Also has links to information about private funding sources. 

On-line searchable catalog contains financial and nonfinancial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the U.S. government.

Formerly the Pacific Northwest Grantmakers Forum, Pacific Northwest represents and supports member grant makers throughout Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.  The website includes resources for grant seekers and grant makers in these regions.

This group represents funders from throughout the Washington, D.C., region. The website has resources for grant seekers and grant makers also the capital metro area.

The District of Columbia’s Office of Partnerships and Grant Services helps government agencies, nonprofits and faith-based organizations get information about resources that could improve community services.
Grant Writing

The Foundation Center has links to numerous organizations across the country that have forms—and often advice on how to fill them out.

Good article originally from the Aid for Education, with advice such as “There is no conflict between writing spare, jargon-free proposals and, occasionally, in quite isolated sections, adding some illustration from your school or from your project to clinch your case.”

The Foundation Center provides a good overview available in six languages on writing proposals.

This website offers grant writing training and tips, inexpensive publications and online abstracts from funded proposals. 

Just like the name says, this site is all about guidelines, tips and samples on writing effective grants and related written communications with funders.

Raising Money Online

In “How the Internet can Bring Fundraising back into Balance,” Seattle-based nonprofit consultant Michael Gilbert shares his ideas about the Internet’s role in reducing the overall cost and waste associated with traditional fundraising.

This site is all about using the Internet and technology for nonprofits. The three main areas of focus are fundraising, volunteers and advocacy. The network not only provides information on these topics, but also offers itself as a tool for nonprofits in these areas. So a nonprofit can register to receive online donations through this site, recruit volunteers and collect signatures on petitions.
This article discusses use of the Internet in seeking grants and points out some areas related to grants for which information is still scarce on the Internet.
Guidestar’s free service has information on the programs and finances of more than 600,000 U.S. charities and nonprofit organizations, news stories on philanthropy and resources for donors and volunteers.

This short piece lists 10 things nonprofits need to know in order to raise money online.

From Causera, a social fundraising platform, this journal encompasses fundraising solutions, tools, and everything you need to run a successful fundraiser for your organization.
State Requirements for Charities

Many states have laws regulating the solicitation of funds for charitable purposes. The Internal Revenue Service offers some resources including a training document and reports.

The National Association of Charity Officials lists all state offices that charitable organizations should contact.
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