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The library’s goal is to give leaders and managers (especially those with very limited resources) basic, practical information about business, management and organizations. Many items in the library are relevant to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The site contains more than 70 major categories and almost 700 topics. Free Management Library was developed by Carter McNamara and hosted by the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits (MAP) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Much of what is on the library’s virtual shelves is available in several languages.
The site contains a good keyword search engine, which makes it less overwhelming than some other sites. Here you’ll find an overview of key topics for consideration by people who work for, lead or support nonprofit organizations in the United States. Idealist is run under the auspices of the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C.

A terrific database with useful links for nonprofits with more than 90 categories of information.​

This site was founded by the AOL Time Warner Foundation and AOL Inc., the Cisco Foundation and Cisco Systems Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. to help nonprofits raise money through the Internet. Network focuses on fund-raising, volunteers and advocacy, and offers itself as a tool for nonprofits in these three areas. Nonprofits can register here to receive online donations, recruit volunteers, and collect signatures on petitions. 

The nonprofit section of this popular Web portal contains links, articles and forums on a wide range of topics of interest to nonprofits. 

The Foundation Center has selectively gathered and annotated links to what it sees as the most useful websites serving the nonprofit sector. Categories include nonprofit technology, fundraising and jobs.

A directory of nonprofit resources from Yahoo.

This Bay Area group “believes that nonprofit organizations and leaders need relevant support that builds on their strengths, experiences, and achievements and that those individuals and organizations that invest in increasing their leadership and management capacities are better poised to achieve progress.” So, to do this, CompassPoint’s portal has general news, plus an extensive list of resources covering topics faced by many nonprofits.

This is a database of about 850,000 nonprofits organizations from the IRS Business Master File and federal form 990. Nonprofit organizations can register free and update their profile. GuideStar’s mission is to improve how philanthropy and nonprofit organizations work through with information on financial performance and missions. The site also has a resource section with article for both donors and charities.

This social media portal with a global scope focuses on using the Internet to promote human rights and sustainable development.

Created by the Foundation Center, this tool scans through a large index of websites for the nonprofit sector. 
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