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About IKNOW.org

Interactive Knowledge for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide


Provide nonprofit leaders with knowledge that is critical to expanding their impact.


  1. Accelerate and simplify how nonprofit leaders acquire knowledge via the web;
  2. Reduce the overall cost for nonprofit leaders to acquire critical knowledge;
  3. Expand the awareness of existing high quality web resources for nonprofits;
  4. Mobilize resources to fill key knowledge gaps faced by nonprofit leaders; and
  5. Partner with catalyst organizations and key websites.

Near Term Strategic Focus

Direct leaders to valuable resources for protecting and expanding sustainability.

Key Current Capabilities

Areas of Baseline Coverage

Advocacy / Lobbying   |   Board Governance   |   Education   |   Ethics and Accountability   |   Financial Management   |  
Fundraising / Revenue   |  Human Resources   |   Information Portals   |   Legal   |   Marketing   |   News   |   Outcomes   |   Service Providers   |   Starting a Nonprofit   |   Tax   |   Technology   |   Vision / Strategy   |   Volunteerism   |  
Weathering Uncertainty


IKNOW.org was conceived and launched in 1997 by Tom Raffa, Managing Partner of RAFFA, P.C., who saw the power of the web to help answer the many questions he received from his nonprofit clients and other friends in the sector.  He also saw the potential value of nonprofit leaders being able to easily find sources of quality information via the internet. Tom is one of the founding board members of the Alliance For Nonprofit ManagementRAFFA, P.C. sponsors the ongoing development of IKNOW.org as a reinvestment back in the nonprofit sector.  RAFFA, P.C. provides accounting, consulting, technology, and business process outsourcing to nonprofit organizations from grassroots to global.

If you don't see what you need very quickly, ASK IKNOW to send us your request. We will make our best attempt to find the information and then add it to the site. We also welcome nominations for additional links.
iKnow - Interactive Knowledge for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide    
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IKnow.org is developed and maintained by Raffa, a dedicated provider of consulting, accounting, technology, and outsourcing for nonprofit organizations.
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